Terms of Service

Terms of Service
This page explains the terms of use of upURL, the user when using the shortener site is conditioned to the acceptance of the terms and conditions of use.

Conditions of use
The site is available for access to all users without age or country restrictions and therefore you need to agree with the conditions of use when using our services.

In order to provide a secure service for users it is not allowed to create short links that redirect to URLs that have:
  • Content that spreads phishing, malware or viruses.
  • Pornographic, sexual, violent or prejudiced content.
  • Content related to drugs, weapons or drinks.
  • Any content that may infringe on the rights of others.
  • Disgusting, explicit or disgusting content that causes any kind of discomfort to other users,
  • Content to collect data and personal information from users.
  • Also, don't use upURL to shorten links with scripts, malicious code, pop up windows, double redirects, contentless pages and advertising campaigns.

Every link created is verified by our team, if we notice any kind of abusive behaviour that violates our terms of service in shortening links, they will be deleted without notice.

URL shortening is a tool for managing web addresses. Users can make simplified addresses that essentially become links to other web pages. A link to, does not indicate upurl.me's endorsement of or affiliation with that website. A redirect or link is simply a shortcut. Linking is not the same as hosting a website. No website material such as data or files (except for the upurl.me site files) are ever stored or hosted on our servers. upurl.me is not responsible for the content of external sites or resources that are redirected by our service. As a user of our service if you make a link, you are responsible for what you do with it!